Spray Transfer Cart

System 3      Approx. $3,000.00

Qty. (2) Adjustable Carts . . . . .Part# 100509355

Qty. (1) Vertical Drying Rack . .Part# 100660968

Qty. (22) Door Handles . . . . . . Part# 100509314

​Qty. (2) Sawhorses . . . . . . . . . Part# 100509322

System 1​    ​Approx. $4,000.00

Qty. (1) Drying Rack . . . . . Part# 100509348

Qty. (1) Transfer Cart . . . . Part# 100509330

Qty. (30) Door Handles . . .Part#100509314

​Qty. (2) Sawhorses . . . . .  Part# 100509322​​

"Two-Man Operation"

System 1 allows a single-user to finish both sides of a door at once by themselves.  The "Spray Transfer Cart" is not only for a single-user though.  This cart is one of our favorites because a user can walk the door to a user's ergonomic height which is 2" below the elbow.  A user will sand a door at one height and then walk the door down to spray the door.  Another benefit that most people do not realize is you can spray the door vertically or at any angle they want.  It is better to spray at an angle to save on a user's back and shoulders. "NEW ITEM" We came out with a 360 door lock that locks the door into any position! This door lock works on both "Spray Transfer Cart" and "Adjustable Cart."


"One-Man or Two-Man Operation"

Questions we ask our customers:

1) Would you like a "one-man operation" or a "two-man operation"?

2) Do you prefer drying your doors horizontally or vertically?

3) How many doors do you typically do in a day?  This will determine the quantity of door handles you will need.  Note:  You will need 2 door handles per door.


System 4 allows a single-user or multiple users to finish both sides of a cabinet door at once.  Rest the front side of the cabinet door on the four pins.  Spray the outside edges and top, flip cabinet door while it is still wet, rest on the four points, and spray the top of the cabinet door.  Once all of the cabinet doors are finished, rack them onto the drying rack.  You will not experience marks because the points are just right, and you will never rest the door on the same 4 points.  Do not recommend on pine wood. 

"The Solution For Finishing Doors!"

Drying Rack

Please Note: All products are sold individually. The door systems below are only suggestions.  You may customize your system to fit your company's needs.  Please email or call us for brochure and price list.  

"Finish Both Sides of a Cabinet

Door at Once!"

Adjustable Cart


Drying Rack

"360 Door Lock"

Adjustable Cart

"One-Man Operation"

Adjustable Cart


Drying Rack

Cabinet Stacker


Appleton, WI, United States

System 4    Approx. $3,700.00

Qty. (1) Adjustable Cart . . . . . . . . .Part# 100509355

Qty. (2) Trim Arms . . . . . . . . . . . .  Part# 100509363

Qty. (10) Cross Supports  . . . . . . . Part# 100509405

​Qty. (8) Lrg Cabinet Stackers . . . . Part# 100509397

​Qty. (13) Med Cabinet Stackers . . Part# 100509389

​Qty. (8) Sm Cabinet Stackers . . . . Part# 100509371

​Qty. (1) Drying Rack . . . . . . . . . . . Part# 100509348

Fast Rack Equipment, LLC

These systems are both for metal and wood doors. Light and heavy doors. The above door systems can also be used to finish garage door panels by adding more telescopic tubing to get to the desired length.  Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.  

System 2     Approx. $3,500.00

Qty. (1) Drying Rack . . . . . Part# 100509348

Qty. (1) Adjustable Cart . . .Part# 100509355

Qty. (30) Door Handles . . . Part#100509314

​Qty. (2) Sawhorses . . . . . . Part# 100509322

System 3 allows a single-user or multiple users to finish both sides of a door at once and rack them in the "Vertical Door Drying Rack."  When staining doors you can put the doors in this rack right away, but when you paint you will need to let the paint dry for about an hour before putting the doors in the rack.   The "Vertical Door Drying Rack" is a great way to store doors in between applications.



Drying Rack

System 2 is for two users to work on doors together.  We use this system as well. This system will speed up production in any shop or job site location.  We usually use (2) Adjustable Carts to speed up the production.  Please click on the video link to see how we paint our doors.